Our team of highly experienced broadcast managers can develop a roadmap for your event broadcast needs, covering all aspects of space planning, technical specifications, and scaling everything to your budget.

Moreover, if you need someone to undertake shooting of your event, our broadcasting partner – one with over 27 years of field experience and a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide can provide hassle-free coverage of your event.

Our broadcasting services team offers our clients a single resource that’s capable of meeting all of their live, virtual, or hybrid event needs. This allows you to maintain your focus on the big picture. We can help take your event from concept to completion with an international pool of resources specifically chosen to fit your project’s needs.

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List of Services

Camera Crews

Camera Crews

Ready to complement your events are experienced camera operators, sound engineers and assistants able to cover EFP (Electronic Field Production) or ENG (Electronic News Gathering) as per request.

Outside Broadcasting (OB) Van Facilities

Outside Broadcasting (OB) Van Facilities

We provide all the broadcast facilities from individual and team sports to concerts and international political events. Our OB van and production trucks, along with our team of professional technicians, can cover camera events to the highest desirable level, delivering excellent quality services.

SNG Services

SNG Services

We operate a dedicated fleet of quick response satellite news-gathering vans that come equipped with leading-edge, high-tech technological components that are flexible and robust. Fully redundant, it provides uplink & downlink & satellite space services for clients.

Aerial Video Services

Aerial Video Services

High quality drone services include pre-production planning to transform your idea to the best possible visual outcome. With a decade of professional experience, we offer the most stable, consistent, rapid and affordable services, capturing HD video from the air. What’s more, all of our aerial video services gear fits into flight cases, enabling us to easily travel and film anywhere around the globe.

Underwater Video Services

Underwater Video Services

With highly experienced underwater camera operators, we can deliver crisp footage of water sports, amplifying the viewing experience for spectators.


Engineering: Cables, lots of cables

Ensuring delivery of signals from anywhere in the world to any other location requires meticulous planning and kilometres of cabling. Advanced technical equipment is tested, packed, shipped, rigged, connected and monitored, according to schematics with forensic precision.


Production: piecing together the storyline for your event

When it comes to producing a large event, it is about more than simply the images on display. To successfully offer live coverage of an event and promotional material that builds anticipation, it takes both technical skill and creative direction to identify a narrative that will captivate audiences.

Venue Management

Venue Management: On-site, on schedule, on air

A broadcast venue requires the cool and calm approach of experienced staff to guarantee the adage is respected. Dedicated teams work in advance to ensure broadcast facilities fit within the structures of any venue, allowing the curtain to be raised with confidence.


Founded upon an extensive knowledge base and an in-depth appreciation of the rights holder's requirements, our service range might vary from a comprehensive turn-key solution to a simple consultation or assessment. With extensive experience, you can trust our project management team to ensure the outstanding delivery of your requirements.

Let us help you to bring your vision to life.

Full Productions

AKMT can provide a turn-key solution for each step in the production cycle, from concept to production to broadcast management. Every piece of the puzzle is included within the package.

There’s a real relationship between ourselves and our clients, one that begins from the moment of engagement. It’s widely known that maintaining tight client working relationships and promoting frequent, open conversation are the most effective ways to ensure long-term success.

From the budgeting stage to the debrief, we believe in frequent meetings that keep the team united and help avoid deviations or difficulties that may arise. We pay close attention and adjust our actions accordingly. While a dedicated team monitors projects, internal review processes guarantee that timetables are met and the action plan is polished, as the clock counts down to your event.

Delivering excellence is the only option.