Critical to any sporting event, scoreboards and timers provide valuable information for athletes, broadcasters, in-house operations, and spectators.

Our partners have extensive experience in providing high-quality timing and scoring services for a broad range of sports, utilising the most current timing equipment available.

By providing us with an outline of the sports included in your project, we will furnish you with the most competitive pricing available.

The following are provided as part of our results services

standfirst timing scoring


Without a doubt, timing is an essential component of the magic of sporting events. Competition in the conventional sense would not be impossible without the capacity to quantify the times and distances between competitors.

Our timing partners have unrivalled expertise in the field of sports timekeeping. We are dedicated to the art of accurately and consistently measuring times in every sport, utilising the latest technology available to fulfil the most demanding of requirements in every discipline.


Along with timed events in which competitor speeds influence the outcome, AKTM partners specialise in customised software and hardware that tracks scores for athletes participating in disciplines where performances are judged.The use of advanced scoring software and technology helps to contribute to an accurate and fair computation of results in a wide range of sports.

Overall element scores are calculated and distributed to all peripherals, such as TV graphics, scoreboards, CIS, and the Internet, while scoring table marks are inputted during competition.


Result Services

In any sport, the desire to attain top performance in a competitive event drives athletes to strive for excellence. Even when venue audiences or those watching from home recognise the beauty of a brilliant performance, eyes are still attracted to scoreboards or results graphics to look for official confirmation of the outcome.

We provide a wide range of services to ensure that results are communicated to all interested parties, to include event organisers, media, coaches, athletes and spectators.


The Commentator Information System (CIS) supports broadcasters by supplying hard data, statistics, and valuable background information about each session and the competitors involved. Also, an online version of the system is available for clients who are unable to physically attend the event.


All results from any sporting event, including all reports, are presented on our INFO system, which has a consistent look and feel across all games. This allows organisers to retrieve game-specific data and distribute it to global online users via their PCs and terminals at the venue.


We deliver web results (live results) designed to match the look and feel of any event.
AKMT also presents results via mobile-optimised applications and includes full integration for the most relevant social media channels.


Get real-time results delivered directly to your smartphone.
The AKMT app development team offers tailored mobile phone applications that provide critical information about sporting events. These applications are designed to meet the full range of event demands and provide users with feedback throughout each day of competition.


We offer TV Graphics that capture in direct feeds, with the results room, events score and statistics in alignment with the feel and look of the games. This is all delivered in full HD for broadcasters to use to enhance the viewer experience.


We work with the most comprehensive line of scoring products available in the market. Whether you require an easy-to-use digital scoreboard, a dynamic video display or a combination of the two, we will assist in designing the most sophisticated scoring system for your field or venue.
While your needs may change during the planning stage, we can easily add more features to your system to improve the overall experience. Public Scoreboards can have event data fed in real-time by our results team, along with enhanced video walls featuring customised animated visuals.
To learn more about the many options we provide for conveying results to everyone interested in seeing them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.