It’s very unusual to find a team of well-trained architects like ours that works with large-scale events. At AKMT Design, we combine technical and operational skills with innovative thinking, with our team able to realise your vision and implement a strategy that meets all of your needs.

We repurpose existing buildings by incorporating temporary constructions and immersive design features and our operational planning flows and wayfinding solutions direct all staff stakeholders and spectators, every step of the way.

Our team operates globally, collaborating with a culturally varied team of specialised architects and designers. As such, we bring a unique blend of local and international skills and knowledge to each project, resulting in original, innovative and suitable architectural project solutions.

We very much pride ourselves on our ability to design exceptional environments that leave a lasting impression and provide remarkable event experiences.

standfirst venue design

Requirements Assessments

We advocate for the transitory use of venues and overlay, reducing the demands and impact on the host city while sensibly focusing legacy efforts on the limited infrastructure that remains after the event. Due to the fact that it is also linked with the most high-profile projects of our day, we place this sustainable approach at the heart of our proposed approach.

AKMT takes a unique attitude towards project design, combining technical competence with well-established capabilities. A project with several design elements is far more complex, calling for an integrated approach involving the synthesising of different design disciplines into a single creative, intelligent end product.

Our team is highly skilled in creating precise maps representing the information necessary to proceed with your planning and implementation activities. When planning a venue, we work with you and offer valuable feedback on simplifying the collection of data across your organisation and streamlining the delivery timeframes for your projects.

A common challenge faced by most organising committees is the inability to collect requirements from multiple areas on time, resulting in confusion, needless design modifications, increased costs, worker frustration and delivery delays. However, everything becomes much easier when your entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to gathering requirements.

A few of the design disciplines in which we thrive include:
Operational design
Transport Maps
Security Maps
IT&T Services allocation
Cabling works
Overlay Design

Venue Design

Our expert team of architects will analyse your project’s requirements against your budget, before creating and delivering customised operational design solutions. These solutions are designed to perfectly meet your organisation’s demands while ensuring efficient allocation of space.

The AKMT design team will always ensure that the designs we create for you adhere to all the technical standards of international federations, broadcasters, and any other stakeholder or partner who requires an informational map to be created.

Accounting for the highest levels of safety & security and the achievement of sustainability and access/inclusion objectives, our venues provide the perfect platform for outstanding competition, combining industry-leading back-of-house facilities, field of play, and spectator seating.

Our primary aim is always to complete overlay installations early enough to allow for operational readiness. So, you can be confident that everything will be in place within a timeframe that allows functional teams to move in and become familiar with the venues well before the games begin.

Our services include:

• Design & delivery of temporary venues
• Delivery of overlay to all venues, depots & operational sites
• Network cabling design, technology equipment allocation, temporary power (for primary and temporary power use) and containment.
• Fit-out of offices and operational spaces including Main Operations Centres, Technical Operations Centres, Broadcast Centres & Main Press Centres.

venue design 1-1
design management

Design Management

Our CAD team consists of CAD managers, as well as CAD specialists who will monitor the venue design process from start to finish, ensuring all information is depicted accurately and safely distributed to stakeholders/contractors. They’re also responsible for ensuring that communication is optimised between the various functions of the organising committee during the planning phase.

Our CAD experts will also identify possible cost reductions in equipment and materials while ensuring timely deliverables on the implementation period. We offer CAD-related consultancy and complete solutions with all staff required to be in-house to handle day-to-day production and communication between your various functional areas.