We execute all networking needs through our partners, including wide-area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), wireless LANs, mobile services, and everything in between.

As a key technology provider, AKMT's approach to safe delivery, risk management and the exhaustive testing we conduct ensure that all significant milestones are met on or ahead of time - for a first-class completion of your project. Technology significantly influences how people interact with sporting events, and none of this would be possible without a reliable network infrastructure.

standfirst network


It takes the right combination of resources and expertise to build the infrastructure necessary to meet growing demand and adhere to strict service level agreements. Effective network design entails determining optimal trade-offs between efficiency and dependability, with each layer of your network’s structure and design having a significant effect on your event performance.

The health of your ITC project relies upon your network having a reliable, scalable, resilient, cost-effective and flexible design. AKMT offers a unique combination of technical expertise and experience in creating network architecture for major sporting events.

With a commitment to industry best practices and proven design tools and procedures, AKMT Network Design Services can assist you in the creation of a network that meets your needs, minimises costs and ensures hassle-free daily operations for your project.

When engaging with us, our experienced consultants will review and plan your project’s requirements and provide you with detailed solutions. These can then either be self-implemented or assigned to our team as part of a complete end-to-end service.

Facilitation of
Network Infrastructure

We offer the most comprehensive end-to-end networking implementation expertise available, covering everything from venue network design and data cabling to PC installation and server & router configurations. We don't simply install gear and software - we thoroughly integrate it into your environment, for a coherent and well-integrated solution.

Choosing us for your network design needs gives you the reassurance of knowing that your data and telecommunication infrastructure is safe, dependable and cost-effective.

The services we offer include but are not limited to:

Hardware installation
UPS scope and installation
Software installation & configuration
Wireless solutions
Physical/virtual server installation
Ethernet cabling

Website development

We offer a range of website development solutions that are designed to fully engage with fans and spectators. As part of this service, our experts can assist with enterprise-class web applications for process automation and web portals to help align your employees' workflows.

AKMT custom web developers have the programming know-how and industry-specific experience to build what’s required quickly, efficiently and perfectly aligned with your vision. We can construct or maintain your website, guaranteeing a professional appearance, a responsive working environment, and a seamless user experience.

Mobile Apps

AKMT mobile app-creating partners provide a broad range of useful information about the total number of sports linked to your event. They also offer live results throughout each session, using apps that are designed to work with both iOS and Android devices.

Before, during, and after each session, users have access to an impressive array of up-to-the-minute data e.g. timetables and ticketing information, with this being accessible prior to the day of the event. Live results provided during tournaments are, of course, among the highlights, as are videos, photos and comprehensive reports on outcomes and special news sections following every session.