Recognizing the technology scope of a multi-venue project is sometimes difficult to grasp. Any error made during planning can put you over budget and delay your build. AKMT provides valuable solutions for your venue, including consultancy services or even complete staffing solutions for every phase of your project.

Every project is unique

We do not imitate previous methodologies. Instead we listen, evaluate, and create entirely new strategies that meet all your individual, operational and financial needs.

standfirst venue tech


Our IT consulting division delivers custom IT&T consultancy services covering a variety of games technology strategies. The experienced team of project managers we possess offer strategic guidance on a variety of topics that include:

Venue Technology Infrastructure (Cabling & Hardware)
IT assessment
Power requirements for Technology Scope
Cloud strategy
IT budget planning
Risk management
Disaster recovery planning
Strategic planning
Implementation supervision
Operationally management of venues during games time

IT Scope

As is the case for many of our customers, games technology is likely not part of your core business, meaning that solving internal IT challenges can be costly and time-consuming. This kind of distraction can cause you to neglect other important areas of your business, but AKMT can help.

By leveraging our considerable IT consulting knowledge, your project will remain on time and on budget without taking up your valuable time. Our team will empower you to increase your IT scope while ensuring your business keeps running smoothly.

Our IT assessments pull together all your project requirement details, determining what your organisation can use as legacy infrastructure or what existing elements can be fine-tuned. This allows us to provide an accurate estimation of the software/hardware infrastructure solutions needed to efficiently achieve your business goals.

We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your project’s precise needs and better leverage your infrastructure with our IT assessments. Based on both previous events and best practices, our comprehensive IT assessments offer the transparency you need to achieve top performance while remaining within budget.

Advantages of a successful IT evaluation include:

Identification of your organisation's IT strengths and areas for growth & improvement.
Helps to chart a technology advancement course consistent with your business objectives.
Addresses hidden risks in your IT system that may have otherwise been missed.
Highlights opportunities for cost savings.


AKMT IT strategy consulting services help you to develop highly effective IT plans, solutions and programs. One of the biggest challenges faced in today’s events industry is ensuring that you have a well-developed IT program that supports your project objectives

During planning, infrastructure and technology decisions can dramatically affect your performance from a financial & legacy standpoint. At AKMT, we provide a comprehensive range of strategic IT services to assist any organising entity in making these important decisions.

Our dedicated team of strategic consultants help to develop complete strategies or analyse specific areas of concern. The methods we use are straightforward, yet successful and we collaborate with you and key stakeholders to ensure the decisions made are in line with your unique needs.

Using proven techniques and frameworks, our IT strategy consulting services assist your organisation in making sound short, mid, and long-term infrastructure and technology decisions. With our help, the measures you implement today will serve you well into the future.

supervision & Operations

Whether talking about servers, desktop PCs, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, wireless devices, cabling or any part of the rest of your in-house project’s network design and infrastructure, AKMT is right there on-site to ensure it all runs smoothly. From routine backups to maintenance to high-level strategic advice, we’ve got every aspect of your event technology covered.

At AKMT, our experienced team of Venue technology managers make sure that every element is in place, as planned and on schedule. They work by your side, supervising the installation of all your technology assets effortlessly throughout the implementation phase and continue to oversee and provide support during live operations.