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We hear you and provide fully-customised solutions

AKMT is dedicated to helping event organising committees in their technical delivery. The assistance we offer includes strategic planning and event design, along with production, a broad spectrum of technological solutions and operational mentoring and support.

We provide all the personal assistance required to meet your needs. You can have a consultant work with you to determine requirements and effective processes, or you can work with our team of experts to execute the whole project from start to finish. Throughout any collaboration, we strive to meet your financial and timeline expectations.

We understand the challenges, as we’ve been in your shoes on several occasions - so we know how hard it is to launch a new event from the ground up.

Our group of expert pros has a comprehensive grasp of all necessary components and more than 20 years of experience at major sporting events like the Summer & Winter Olympics, Asian Games, Mediterranean Games, FIFA & AFC cups.

Our collaborators are always happy to accommodate project demands beyond the confines of our headquarters. As such, AKMT's staff and partners are more than willing to assist in person, bringing their expertise to your location.

We are by your side at every stage of your project

Our constant engagement with event organisers and venue owners allows us to keep a firm grip on the project's progress and detect risks early on. The result is a more efficient and timely delivery, with our support including the following:

Development of standard operating procedures & documentation for event bidders and organisers.

Evaluation and assessment of competing bids.

A core event management team that ensures the most suitable solutions are implemented based on your actual needs. This prevents event owners having to go through excessively lengthy budget allocation processes, facilitating better event coordination and faster delivery timeframes.

AKMT personnel, along with event stakeholders, become a virtual extension of your organisation. Our consultants assist owners and facilitate communication with event organisers. Monitoring progress on the ground, we collect performance statistics so that you are always on top of things.

We are here to help you conceive, plan and carry out your event successfully. Our sole objective is to reduce risk and costs for you.

The methods we use

It takes the right combination of resources and expertise to build the infrastructure necessary to meet growing demand and adhere to strict service level agreements. Effective network design entails determining optimal trade-offs between efficiency and dependability, with each layer of your network's structure and design having a significant effect on your event performance.

There is no standard approach for each project. Work strategies must always be adaptive.

We help our clients create impactful events that strike a global chord, creating legacies that endure a lifetime.

We bring the absolute best people in the industry to undertake carefully-scoped roles in locations worldwide at any given time.

At AKMT, our staff and partners are selected very carefully. We have years of collaboration experience from countless past projects that prove we work effectively as a team and as independent professionals. We have the ability to deal with complex challenges on our feet, as we represent both a company entity and as a group of highly-skilled individuals.

AKMT is a company specialising in putting together one-of-a-kind teams, however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every project. Instead, we hand-pick highly experienced events industry pros from all around the world based on your project’s requirements. Given that we tailor our teams to perfectly fit your needs, you can be sure of a fruitful collaboration.

Our teams are provided with cutting-edge equipment and extensive training on each project’s variations, leading to well-defined operating methods. Also, of course, our vast knowledge base serves as a solid foundation in the background.

As a company with many years of industry experience, we can pinpoint your exact specifications and create tailor-made solutions that fulfil your unique needs.

Feel confident that we will find a way to lower your costs while improving performance.

We've been through a lot over the years, having completed multiple events. This has given us a thorough understanding of what works and an appreciation of the challenges faced. Let us show you how this experience can be used to your advantage for your next project.